Grapeseed Oil (Vitis vinifera), use only cold-pressed, also known as vitamin F.

To produce one liter of cold-pressed grape seed oil are needed more than 50 kg of grape seeds. Cold-pressed grapeseed oil has a light golden-green iridescent color with a bitter-sweet smell and the taste is slightly nutty. Only cold-pressed grape seed oil contains the characteristic green-gold color, and only cold-pressed grape seed oil these valuable properties:

  • 90% unsaturated fatty acids
  • 70% essential linoleic acid

Bioactive compounds with procyanidin. The Grape seeds contain a high proportion of anti-aging OPC (oligomeric procyanidins).

Most resveratrol is concentrated in the skin of the grapes.

Grape seed oil can be absorbed by the skin and makes it elastic and supple. The easy oil has toning properties, so it is especially suitable for oily and combination skin with oily tendency and for blemished skin. Grape seed oil can be absorbed by the skin very well and makes it elastic and supple.

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