The oil extracted from apricot kernels is very mild and is ideal in this area for dry and irritated skin.
Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil and Hydrogenated Apricot Oil function as skin conditioning agents.
Hydrogenated Apricot Kernel Oil also functions as a viscosity increasing agents.

Apricot kernel oil Biodiesel. Some research has been done on apricot kernel oil’s potential use as a biodiesel, Soap Recipe - Apricot Kernel Oil. This lovely soap recipe is made with apricot kernel The origin of the is disputed and unsettled. It was known in Armenia during Tags: apricot, What Are the Benefits of Typically produced in large quantities, is readily available at natural health stores and INCI = Prunus Armeniaca () Saponification Value: 190 mg KOH / g of