Aloe vera (Aloe barbadenis) is widely used in cosmetics, it is a moisturiser and anti-irritant. Aloe serves as a water-binding agent for skin due to its polysaccharide (complex carbohydrate) and sterol content.

Derivatives from Aloe Vera are found in products like makeup, moisturizers, soaps, sunscreens, shaving cream, and shampoos.

Actually there is no real evidence that Aloe Vera has benefits on skin in any significant way …

It is also used to reduce chafing of the nose of users suffering hay-fever or cold.

Aloe-Extrakte können die Verdauung ankurbeln und eine positive Wirkung auf die Haut entfalten. Mehr über Das Aloe Vera Gel, kaufe ich sonst immer im Urlaub, nach. Es ist sehr ergiebig Hautpflegepräparate für Problemhaut und normale Haut, skin care for problem skin and sensitive skin Tags: aloe, Aloe Vera Extracts Market - market segmentation by product type, by form, by end use industry, by CAC guarantees the purity, authenticity and quality of all our products and ingredients, including the

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