AQUARICH® is an extract fraction of Black Oats (Avena strigosa) and plant-based Lecithin.

AQUARICH® (by Rahn Cosmetics) is not only deeply effective, but also has a long-lasting effect in improving skin hydration.

It binds moisture in the skin and gives a soft and supple skin feeling, it’s a unique skin moisturiser.
Can be used in gels, emulsions, shampoos and hair rinses.

Aqua Rich is the scientifically proven highly effective. It maintains the optimum moisture content, strengthens the structure of the skin barrier, increases skin smoothness, reduces trans-epidermal water loss, brings irritated skin back into balance.

AQUARICH® (eco) is certified by Ecocert for use in natural cosmetics and is produced by RAHN AG, Zürich

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