The oil extracted from apricot kernels is very mild and is ideal in this area for dry and irritated skin.
Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil and Hydrogenated Apricot Oil function as skin conditioning agents.
Hydrogenated Apricot Kernel Oil also functions as a viscosity increasing agents.

Apricot kernel oil Learn a little about apricot kernel oil and its use in DIY cosmetics. Also called apricot kernel oil, apricot oil is a thin, odorless oil pressed from the Prunus Armeniaca () is the expressed from the s of Prunus armeniaca. Tags: prunus, APRICOT KERNEL: Uses, Side Effects, Amandes d’Abricot, Amygdalin, Amygdaline, Amygdaloside, Amygdalus armeniaca, Almonds, , Seed, Armeniaca An is a fruit, or the tree that bears the fruit, of several species

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  1. I say “trick,” because it’s really so simple. Instead of spending dollars on makeup remover, just use oil. Like, literally, olive oil. It works way better than any commercial makeup remover I’ve ever purchased, it’s great on sensitive skin, it’s safe to get near your eyes, and it’s hydrating.

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